Military Discounts Meet Beach Holidays: Saving Big in Montreal, Canada


Imagine yourself standing on the precipice of planning a vacation so splendid and so filled with exclusive military discounts that it would make even the most stoic of generals crack a smile. Yes, you, the esteemed members of the US military, veterans, and your gloriously patient families are about to embark on a journey to one of Canada’s hidden gems, where the allure of beach holidays meets the sweetness of savings. Welcome to the intriguing and surprisingly beachy city of Montreal, where the combination of French flair and fervent discount-hunting could easily be mistaken for a military operation designed for enjoyment and relaxation.

Now, Montreal may not be the first place that comes to mind when you dream of beach holidays. “Beaches?” you might chuckle, as images of icy tundras and friendly moose cross your mind. Yet, let me assure you, beneath the city’s sophisticated exterior and beyond its legendary poutine and bagels, lies an unexpected sandy surprise. Montreal teems with urban beaches and close-by watery getaways, providing the perfect backdrop for those who love to dip their toes in water without dipping too deep into their savings.

The secret operation code-named “Beach Holidays for Heroes” begins at the Clock Tower Beach in the Old Port. Here, military discounts wave as proudly as the Canadian flag, granting free access to those in service and their families. Picture yourself lounging on the sand, the St. Lawrence River gently lapping at the shore, as you bask in the glory of not having spent a single dime for entry.

For those willing to venture a little further, the Jean-Doré Beach on Île Notre-Dame boasts an impressive stretch of sand where military discounts are as abundant as the grains beneath your feet. The cost of a fun day out with the family? Almost as minimal as the effort required to relax under the Montreal sun. It’s a strategic victory for savings and sunshine.

And then, there’s the pièce de résistance, the Oka National Park. A mere tactical maneuver (also known as a short drive) from Montreal, this beach offers sprawling sands and serene views, with a generous discount for our military and veteran beachcombers. Imagine the thrill of unpacking your picnic without unpacking a fortune, surrounded by nature and nodding to fellow servicemen and women as you all enjoy the well-deserved break.

Yet, Montreal’s military discount mission does not end at the water’s edge. The city is peppered with a plethora of attractions, from museums to bistros, all tipping their hats, quite literally, to those who serve and have served. The military discount becomes your passport to experiencing Montreal in all its cultural, culinary, and yes, beachy glory.

As our beach holiday operation comes to a close, remember, Montreal stands ready to salute you with sandy shores and savings, an unexpected paradise where military discounts meet beach holidays. This mission, should you choose to accept it, promises relaxation, discovery, and a hearty welcome to those who’ve served their country. Dismissed!