Military Discounts Meet Beach Holidays: Saving Big in Machu Picchu, Peru


Ah, Machu Picchu – the infamous wonder of the world where llamas photobomb your selfies and ancient stones whisper the secrets of the Incas. It’s the place where you go to hike, explore, and pretend you’re Indiana Jones looking for lost treasure, all while trying to maintain a strong Wi-Fi signal. If you think this high-altitude adventure is out of reach for those of us who’ve sworn an oath to serve, think again. With a sprinkle of military discount magic and a dash of travel savvy, beach holidays in the vicinity of Machu Picchu can be as affordable as they are exhilarating.

For the valiant heroes of our time (yes, I’m talking to you, active US military, veterans, and your illustrious families), the journey to Machu Picchu starts with the quest for discounts. Fear not, for this adventure doesn’t require a map; just a valid military ID. Before you even think about scaling the ancient steps, consider your journey to Peru. Airlines, filled with gratitude and maybe a bit of common sense, offer notable discounts for military personnel. Hopping on a flight doesn’t have to deplete your treasure chest, provided you flex that ID.

Once you’ve safely landed, and preferably after you’ve acclimated to the elevation (remember, breathing is an underrated pleasure at 2,400 meters above sea level), it’s time to look for a base camp. Accommodations in Aguas Calientes, the gateway town to Machu Picchu, welcome military members with open arms and discounted rates. Imagine waking up, peeking out of your window, and locking eyes with a llama. Now that’s priceless – but thankfully, not actually devoid of discounts.

As thrilling as haggling at local markets in broken Spanish over a llama wool sweater is, securing tickets to Machu Picchu is the real golden fleece. Discounts here are a bit trickier, as the Peruvian government controls pricing. However, creativity in travel planning (think group tours or veteran travel groups) can unearth deals that feel like discovering a hidden Inca passage. Plus, flashing your military ID at nearby attractions often results in reduced rates, because who wouldn’t want to give back to those who’ve given so much?

When it comes to food, Peru is a cornucopia of culinary delights. Ceviche fresher than a morning drill call, lomo saltado that’ll make you want to march, and pisco sours that salute your taste buds. Many eateries in the tourist areas are accustomed to international guests, including our brave service members, and might just offer that little extra in gratitude—be it a discount or an extra helping of guacamole. Always ask; the worst they can say is no, but with charm and a respectful inquiry about military discounts, you’d be surprised how often the answer is yes.

To wrap it up, dear service members, veterans, and family – your journey to Machu Picchu need not remain a dream scribbled in a bucket list, nor must it be a bank-breaking endeavor. With a bit of military savvy and an eagerness to explore discounts, the trip to this ancient citadel, surrounded by the lush Sacred Valley, is within your grasp. Remember, it’s not just about seeing a world wonder, but about embracing the journey, the culture, and the adventure. Get out there and let the world thank you for your service, one military discount at a time.

Now, go conquer those heights like the warriors you are, with all the might of military discounts at your back. Machu Picchu awaits, and it promises to be an escapade you’ll recount for generations. Just don’t forget to pack some chewing gum for the llamas – they’ve earned it.