Can I book children traveling alone

Technically you can book unaccompanied minors of any age (above 2 through 17) on our website. However, many airlines do have restrictions in relation to age and connecting flights and flight times. Also can any country have different immigration rules for minor passengers, that we are not able to give information on. You need to contact the embassy of destination and stopover country for details.

When you book a flight for a minor person we assume that
-You have already made or will make another booking for an adult accompanying passenger on the same flight through us or another agency or through the airline, or
-You already know the conditions for unaccompanied minors of the all operating carriers booked and will process the application for UM service with the carriers yourself. Carriers may charge a fee for this service.

In most cases we are not able to support your UM request after the ticket has been issued and give no guarantee.

After receiving such a reservation Skytours will not be responsible for the operability of the flight transport and can give no guarantee that the minor person will be accepted for check-in. Notably Sytours will not be responsible for a loss of ticket price or replacement of the value of the ticket.

If you have doubts about the procedure please contact our support